We are SmartBreed

Inspired by nature, where insects feed nutrients back into the cycle, the aim of SmartBreed is to consistently recover and reuse all valuable nutrients in the food value chain in a closed cycle.

Innovative technology solution meets biological
Expertise – The founders of SmartBreed.

Christoph Bertschi

Christoph worked for four years in strategy consulting for technology companies. In 2019, he and Patrik founded SmartBreed with the aim of closing nutrient cycles and contributing to environmentally friendly food production.


Patrik Bertschi

Patrik has a legal background (University of St. Gallen) and has been in charge of technical and biological development for five years. Together with Christoph, Patrik is responsible for the management of the company.


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SmartBreed is backed by a team of highly specialised experts who work together on an interdisciplinary basis to find innovative solutions to complex, global challenges. Our focus is on the fields of biology (agricultural sciences) and mechanical and plant engineering. Today, SmartBreed AG employs six highly motivated staff and is in partnership with leading global companies and research institutes for the construction of further plants in Switzerland.

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History of origin


SmartBreed is founded as a spin-off of ETH Zurich and the University of St. Gallen with the aim of promoting the responsible use of our resources through the circular economy and food security.


Research into the optimum technology for efficient insect rearing: Birth of the SmartBreed Fermenter! Development of biological expertise with mealworms and soldier flies (larvae).


Successful conclusion of an investment round and establishment of a competent Board of Directors.


Research breakthrough in the fattening/rearing of soldier fly larvae and the reproduction of mealworms.


Successful realisation of the first insect rearing solutions for mealworms and soldier fly larvae on an industrial scale.


SmartBreed enables a biogenic closed-loop system that reuses valuable resources and reduces CO2 emissions and food waste.


SmartBreed is one of the technological and biological leaders in the recycling and upcycling of biogenic streams through aerobic construction (via insects).

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