Rearing solution for soldier fly larvae

Vertical cultivation in fermenters

SmartBreed’s patented fermenters (breeding tanks) enable decentralised breeding of insect larvae. They each hold 1 to 2 m3, in which the larvae efficiently utilise 2 to 4 tonnes of substrate. Thanks to sophisticated surface optimisation inside the fermenter and the supply of ambient air, the larvae dry the substrate themselves using their own waste heat.

This technology does not require air conditioning, as it is cooled by evaporation (drying of the substrate), which brings significant energy benefits.

Vertical cultivation (1.5 metres substrate height) also saves space and is economically viable even for smaller plant sizes. SmartBreed fermenters therefore enable food waste to be processed in a decentralised, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

Highly automated rearing system for the black soldier fly larva

The fermenters are filled daily with fresh substrate and operate in a batch process: Once the larvae are fully grown, the fermenters are opened and the entire contents (larvae and dry fertiliser) fall onto a conveyor belt below, which guides the larvae and fertiliser into a sieve. There, the two groups are separated from each other.
After harvesting, the fermenters are automatically washed out by small cleaning nozzles and are ready for the next cultivation cycle.

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